Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone replacement therapy is a procedure that is carried out when one is undergoing menopause and they are undergoing symptoms that are negative such as hot flashes.  Women who  are going through menopause  tend to experience some symptoms that may cause discomfort such as continuous sweating.  Although these symptoms are normal and they can be managed without drugs they may in some cases become extreme and you may need to seek medical attention.  Among the procedures carried out to assist women who are undergoing menopause is hormone replacement therapy.  This therapy assists to balance the hormones in a woman's body so that they can stop experiencing extreme symptoms of menopause.  There have been a lot of studies that's seek to understand the efficiency of this treatment and also the side effects of the treatment.  The article will highlight some of the findings of this researches  so as to allow you to understand this treatment and also to assist you to make a decision on whether to have this treatment if you are going through extreme  menopause symptoms.
To identify if you need this   treatment you should familiarize yourself with the symptoms of menopause.  Among menopause symptoms in include mood swings, hot flushes, lack of sleep, infertility and delayed or irregular monthly period.  These symptoms vary depend on the individual and if you experience any of these symptoms you should seek the advice of your hormone doctor near me.
Hormone replacement therapy by BodyLogicMD has been found to be very effective with dealing with pre menopause and menopause symptoms. It assists the women to manage symptoms associated with menopause and also it assist in keeping them young.  However, the treatment does not delay or reverse aging.   There have been a lot of research that has been carried out to test the efficiency of this treatment and they have all found that hormone replacement therapy is very effective but the side effects very dependent on the individual.
Before carrying out hormone replacement therapy you should make sure that you consult a physician who has your medical history because this statement is not supposed to be carried out to people who have chronic ailments such as hypertension.  Apart from that , anyone can go through this home replacement therapy if they have the funds that are necessary to carry out the procedure. To know more about testosterone, visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/how_4859561_lower-testosterone-women.html.
The article allows you to understand hormone replacement therapy by expanding on its use and the symptoms that it seeks to cure. If you are experiencing these symptoms and you are contemplating on whether or not to go for this treatment, the article should give you highlights on what you should know.